Contract Lifting Worldwide

Contract lifting involves the execution of routine, complicated and complex lifting and transport operations, whereby finding the right solution and method is vital. A contract package typically includes engineering, planning, execution and management of the heavy lift within agreed parameters. Customers increasingly choose us for modular construction of refineries, oil platforms and other industrial installations and are specifying increasingly large and heavy components. The design limitations on size and weight are primarily determined by the availability of the lifting equipment; boundaries which Biglift are continuing to push back.

Heavy Lifting

Biglift has the expertise to offer the complete lifting solution including conventionally recognised methods though to highly innovative advancements.

Every lift we undertake is planned and engineered in detail and includes an engineered rigging study ensuring maximum safety and efficiency throughout the entire procedure. We have access to some of the most advanced lifting equipment worldwide, which makes our expertise unrivalled. Lift accessories are frequently designed and constructed to meet the specific requirements of each individual lift. All of the lifting equipment used is maintained, inspected and thoroughly examined to the highest standards.

Marine Operations

Biglift has an impressive track record in marine & drilling operations.
We have completed many marine projects, the (de)commissioning of used offshore facilities and the removal of varied types of equipment. In all cases, Biglift uses its experience in ground-based operations, such as project management, technical engineering and total lifting solutions.

Total Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in heavy lifting, we believe that for any project, the greatest potential for saving lives lies in the conceptual design and planning stages.

When moving large or heavy objects there are numerous constraints to factor in before determining the optimal solution, these are assessed in-depth by engineering experts. Stability of the load during movement is critical; to ensure this, extra support may be necessary.

The initial and end configurations of the load have to be considered, structural integrity has to be checked and in addition, a detailed time schedule is developed to plan the operation within specified requirements.

Biglift provide all of the necessary skills and expertise to engineer a comprehensive package which forms the blueprint for any operation.